Webinar Fuel Cells for MARitime applications (FCMAR)



Today, Nederland Maritiem Land (Maritime by Holland) and MIIP007 FCMAR (Maritime Innovation Impulse Project) have organized a Fuel Cell webinar. @Kamil Mrozewski (TNO) and @Lindert van Biert (TU Delft) have given a presentation to inform the participants about the current state of the art in fuel cell technology for maritime applications and have given an overview of possible research themes for further development.

Three possible research themes were covered:

  1. New power system design based around fuel cells and its impact on ship design
  2. Durability, efficiency & safety of fuel cell technology
  3. Ammonia Drive, a research proposal by TU Delft using ammonia as a ship fuel in combination with a hybrid combustion engine and fuel cell design

After the presentation there was a lively discussion on the future of fuel cell technology with a special focus on hybrid system design and durability.

For more information on the FCMAR project and its research themes please contact Maritime Knowledge Centre – @Pieter ‘t Hart at p.thart@mkc-net.nl