MIIP014 Potentials of Biofuel



The “Potentials of Biofuel” Maritime Innovation Impuls Project (MIIP) is investigating ship fuels that can replace the current oil-based options such as HFO and MDO/MGO.


An extra limitation is that it should be possible to either use the fuel as a direct replacement or in a mix with conventional fuels, without any significant alterations to the engine (such as for gasses (LNG, LPG), Alcohol-based and hydrogen-based fuels). Good examples are Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) and FAME which can be made from Used Cooking Oil (UCO) or Pure Plant Oil (PPO). These can be mixed with regular MDO and reduces the addition of CO2 to the atmosphere

The research is executed in three phases. The first phase is a data collection phase, in this phase data on the resource availability and bunker demands but also on the conversion and transportation of the final and intermediate fuels was collected. In the second phase, this information was used to construct a model. This model can optimise resource allocation for both costs and CO2 reductions. With this model, we can study the impact of policies and trends. The final phase is sharing our insights and defining follow-up projects with the industry.

Currently, we have completed phase one and are at the end of phase two; the model is ready and we are very busy running scenarios to be able to learn from this. We are also making a start with phase three, spreading our insights and discussing follow-up projects. If you are interested in our results please get in contact with us!

Jeroen Pruyn: j.f.j.pruyn@tudelft.nl

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